My first post

Welcome to my world! Due to some technical issues with the server that I purchased, I, infortunately, lost all the data from my previous website.

Since I will start my PhD next month (October 2021), it is a good time to restart from zero. Let’s hope that this new website can ‘reborn from the ashes’.

This website is hosted by GitHub Pages, with a custom doamin that I chose for myself. Blogs are based on the Hexo framework, a fast, simple & powerful tool for blog writing.


I hope to organize the blogs as follows:

  1. Basic information about myself: background, research interests, contacts
  2. Research progress about the PhD
  3. Technical posts about Computer Vision, Incremental Learning, etc.
  4. Casual sharing about my life

I am really looking forward to this new journey of PhD. Hope that it would become a fruitful experience by the end of it.

Please feel free to contact me!

Author: Zhiqi KANG
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